Gary Richens

Gary RichensProduction director
T: 01279 406721

Gary joined Lynar in 2013 after initially working in the NHS, where he helped to implement an electronic payroll system across North Essex Partnership Foundation Trust.

In his Lynar role, Gary’s focus is to implement positive changes that benefit both the company and customers. These changes include introducing time-saving processes that streamline the way the company works on a day-to-day basis, for example, by creating a system that makes it quick and easy to locate specific information held in the company’s files.

This work reflects Gary’s interest in Kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement, and the Six Sigma method of improving business efficiency. It also links to his priority of providing excellent customer service at all times, from delivering on commitments – from returning a phone call at an agreed time to making a delivery on a certain date – through to always being approachable and helpful in working with clients.