A pressing point

The manufacturing industry is hugely important to the UK economy and companies make use of the most advanced science, technology and skills available in order to meet new orders coming in. As more and more businesses bring production back to the UK, and with overseas export opportunities expanding just as quickly, the future is looking very positive for manufacturing.

So when you have a metal pressing production order to fulfil, it’s important to choose a manufacturing company that can meet your requirements on a number of levels, not just in terms of timescales and cost.

At Lynar Manufacturing, our metal press shop contains a range of state-of-the-art presses and feed lines, which means we can produce many different types of components for every possible order requirement.

For us, complexity is no barrier; our skilled workforce can produce everything from a high volume order to a unique sample with absolute precision as standard.

At Lynar, our range of metal pressing services include integral drilling, tapping, bushing, welding capacity and powder coating, so you can be sure that whatever your product specifications, we are fully equipped to meet them and are dedicated to providing the highest quality end product.

In addition to metal pressing, we also have expertise in:

To find out more about how our skilled metal pressings team at Lynar Manufacturing can help meet your production needs, please contact us.