Concentrating on the finer things to get the project complete

Over the last century the components that go into everyday items have got small and smaller and with it the parts that make them work have shrunk. This has caused a dilemma for manufacturers who need to find innovative ways of making small items, quickly and accurately.

At Lynar Manufacturing we are specialists in producing fine components for a number of products on the market and are able to meet often unique and challenging design briefs. Our engineers and machinists pride themselves on producing items with the highest level of accuracy and are constantly keeping up to date with all the latest techniques, ensuring products and prototypes are robust and well-built.

However, at Lynar Manufacturing we don’t just focus on the small, and our ability to produce a range of components in a variety of sizes and patterns are what makes us stand out from the competition. We have produced and assembled components for a wide range of industries – from one-off parts for prototypes to mass produced items.

At Lynar we specialise in:

We pride ourselves on delivering products on time and on budget.

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