Get your next big idea(s) off the drawing board with us

The government recently published a new UK Science and Technology Framework, highlighting five key technologies seen as vital to future UK prosperity.  

It’s an exciting time for invention, innovation and product development. But how do you get your dreams off the drawing board? 

Our experts can create one off prototypes using state of the art technology 

Our team can one-off prototypes to creating. Our in-house expertise and state-of-the-art technology also give us the flexibility to carry out a full range of tooling processes – including designs in solidworks 3D. 

From prototype to mass production, we can bring your product designs to life 

Whether you require simple pierce and blank and form tools or multi-stage, full progression tooling, we will deliver on time and cost-effectively, with the consistency in product and quality that clients look for. 

Whether it’s production or tooling we cover all the options 

We can also offer clients competitive pricing by providing quotations for two options, production, or tooling. Tooling prices can reduce the cost per components by up to half. 

At Lynar, we specialise in:  

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