Investing in the future

At Lynar we are constantly investing in the latest equipment and skills, ensuring that we can meet each and every client’s unique requirements. This trend of acquiring the latest technology will continue with our recent acquisition of a Sodi-tech VL600Q wire erosion machine.

This larger machine will replace one of our current AGIE erosion machines, allowing us to machine larger products or complete multiple smaller components on the one machine. This will enable us to handle a more diverse range of projects, whilst making the process more efficient and cost effective.

We have also recently purchased the building and land where our business is based in, allowing us to focus on expanding our existing services. In the next year we hope to bring you more exciting news of the plans we are currently developing.

At Lynar Manufacturing we believe in standing out from our competitors, making it easier for our customers to choose wisely thanks to the broad range of services we offer and the high level of skills that our team of engineers can provide.

We pride ourselves on being personable and professional, advising clients where required and offering recommendations which can reduce costs and delivery times – our proactive approach is probably why so many of our clients come back to us time and time again.

Our skills at Lynar Manufacturing include:

To find out more about how our expertise in these specialist areas can help you to meet your business needs, please contact us.