Lynar: A one-stop shop for all your manufacturing needs

Today’s manufacturers have a tendency to provide highly specialised or niche services. Due to this, it can often be difficult for busy businesses to locate a dependable company willing to take on all aspects of a complex project.

At Lynar Manufacturing, however, our team are different.

We are truly a one-stop shop for all your manufacturing needs and, should you need help with toolmaking, metal assembly, wire erosion or more, we are here to help.

Thanks to our highly skilled workforce and modern workshop, we can ensure your product, be it a one-off metal prototype or mass-produced component, is completed on time, in budget and with the highest degree of accuracy and precision.

So, if you have a requirement, a timescale and a budget, we can work with you to produce a high-quality product which accurately meets your specifications.

At Lynar, we specialise in:

To find out more about our services, please contact us on 01279 418 604.