Lynar: Providing the tools of the trade on time, every time

At Lynar, we understand that engineering and manufacturing are time-intensive industries, reliant on the right tools and the right timeframe to get the job done.

There is nothing more frustrating than starting a job and realising that you don’t have the right tool to get it done properly, or that you are running short of time. The same is true in engineering and manufacturing, where delays in tooling can severely hold up a project.

This is a problem faced by hundreds of businesses across the UK and it is something that can have a significant impact on a final product cost and turnaround.

This is where Lynar Manufacturing can help. Our highly skilled team and state-of-the-art technology can cope with every possible type of assignment, from the simplest pressings through to the most complex components. What’s more, our team pride ourselves on delivering the right tools on time, every time.

We can offer the latest resources for tooling and prototypes to ensure you receive a finished product of the highest quality and accuracy, within your timescale.

With our tooling and toolmaking services further enhanced by our in-house wire erosion capacity, we are perfectly equipped to quickly respond to all your requirements.

With Lynar Manufacturing, you can rest assured that, regardless of the sector you are in, your specifications will be met on time and on budget.

Lynar Manufacturing is truly a one stop shop. Our team have expertise in all of the following, and more:

To find out more about our specialist services, please contact us on 01279 418 604.