Gary Richens

Gary RichensProduction Manager
T: 01279 214494

Gary commenced his tenure with Lynar Manufacturing in 2013, assuming the role of Production Director. Within this capacity, his primary objective was to enact constructive changes that would yield mutual benefits for both the company and its clientele. These initiatives encompassed the implementation of time-efficient protocols aimed at optimising daily operations. Notably, Gary spearheaded the development of a streamlined system facilitating rapid retrieval of pertinent information from the company’s archives.

Following his departure from Lynar Manufacturing Ltd in 2018, Gary co-founded New Acre, a pioneering venture aimed at revolutionising operations within the Landscaping and Tree Care sector. Demonstrating versatility across various organisational domains, he actively engaged in operational functions as well as financial management. After a successful tenure spanning five years, Gary opted to embark on a fresh professional pursuit.

Transitioning to Haileybury College, an esteemed Independent School situated in the local vicinity, Gary assumed a pivotal role within the ground team. Tasked with the upkeep and enhancement of the institution’s extensive 52-acre premises, he contributed significantly to its ongoing maintenance and improvement initiatives.

Subsequently, following a year and a half of dedicated service, Gary received an invitation to return to Lynar Manufacturing Ltd in 2023, owing to the surge in business activity. Upon his return, Gary initiated the integration of a cutting-edge MRP software, thereby streamlining all operational facets from quoting to shipments. This strategic overhaul not only resulted in substantial time savings and paper usage reduction but also bolstered inventory management through real-time tracking of goods inflow and outflow. As the company continues to evolve, Gary has assumed a pivotal role in driving growth and spearheading new business ventures, ensuring sustained success across all fronts.