Ready to meet the needs of clients at home and abroad

UK manufacturers like Lynar Manufacturing continue to develop new innovative skills that are leading the way with the development of new techniques in manufacturing.

This boom in British skills and innovation has led to a massive growth in the amount of products exported across the world by UK firms.

This can be seen in recently released data from Office of National Statistics, which shows the trade deficit, the difference between what the UK imports and exports, has narrowed from £3.1 billion to £1.9 billion.

At Lynar Manufacturing we can provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the unique demands of clients from both the domestic and international market.

Key to our businesses’ success is delivering projects on time and on budget. Our team of highly experienced engineers are constantly developing new skills and using new technology to drive costs down.

By using a hands-on-approach we are able to meet our customers’ requirements, from small bespoke metal prototypes based on detailed specifications to large capacity orders, constructed using the latest metal pressing techniques.

Our services, which include tool-making, wire erosion, sheet metal working and metal parts assembly, have provided many businesses with the components and prototypes they need for their own success and future development, enabling us to continue ours too.

To find out more about the range of high quality cost-effective services, please contact us.