The leading line in wire erosion

When it comes to wire erosion technology, the words ‘precision’ and ‘exacting standards’ will never be far away and neither will Lynar Manufacturing.

As pioneers in wire erosion, Lynar were among the first companies in the UK to introduce wire eroding technology almost 40 years ago. Today we continue to be recognised as a specialist in the field, and for good reason.

Working across a broad range of industry sectors from aerospace and agriculture to automotive to office equipment, we can supply all the metal parts required, including those specifications which require the use of wire erosion technology.

Our state-of-the-art wire erosion facilities give us the power to perform the highest precision, no contact cutting of any shape of metal, working with thicknesses from 250mm down to 0.05mm, with precision as standard.

Our skilled workforce and reputation for first class production means that we can meet even the most challenging and complex specifications, using either the most fragile or the most hardened materials, working to the finest tolerances and of course to agreed deadlines.

Our experience is such that we regularly provide a sub-contract wire erosion service to other manufacturers and integrate this with our other tooling and tool making processes, giving us the opportunity to offer a greater scope of production to our clients.

In addition to wire erosion, we also have expertise in:

To find out more about our wire erosion expertise at Lynar Manufacturing can help meet your production needs, please contact us.