Tools of the trade

Times are changing; every day, people are finding practical and sensible solutions to their manufacturing problems which work for them and their budgets.
Finding a manufacturing company with the specialist skills and expertise to fulfil a very specific assignment can be tough; especially as many projects need to be completed to tight deadlines and, usually, to even tighter budgets.

It helps to be able to discuss your requirements with the tooling experts, where often, understanding the whole picture is more likely to bring about a more cost-effective solution.

At Lynar Manufacturing, our highly skilled team and state-of-the-art technology can cope with every possible type of assignment, from the simplest metal pressings through to the most complex components. We can offer the latest resources for tooling and prototypes to ensure a finished product of the highest quality.

With our tooling and toolmaking services further enhanced by our in-house wire erosion capacity, we are perfectly equipped to respond to all your requirements.

With Lynar Manufacturing, you can rest assured that, regardless of the sector you are in, your specifications will be met on time and on budget.

As well as toolmaking, we also specialise in:

To find out more about how the toolmaking and metal prototypes team at Lynar Manufacturing can help you with your production requirements, contact us.