Whatever your manufacturing needs, Lynar has you covered

It’s comforting to know you’re in business with a company that prides itself on its team’s skill, knowledge, and passion for innovation. Here at Lynar Manufacturing, we couldn’t be prouder of our reputation.

At Lynar Manufacturing, we are specialists in metal pressings, toolmaking, wire erosion, sheet metal, metal prototypes, metal press shop and metal parts assembly. For almost half a century, we’ve been delivering efficient, cost-effective, high quality services to meet the needs of a range of manufacturing sectors.

Whether it’s a one-off prototype or a mass-produced component, our highly skilled workforce will ensure that whatever you need will be with you whenever you need it.

So if you have a requirement, a timescale and a budget, we can work with you to produce a high-quality product which accurately meets your specifications and exceeds your expectations.