Here at Lynar we are regularly trying to support local and national charities, be it through volunteering or donations. Here are a list of the charities we currently work with and what we have done with them over the past few years:


ActionAid is a leading international charity. We support women and children in extreme poverty. We fight for their rights and for lasting change.

Cambodia 2013 – Building a School Library
M.D – Steve Richens travelled to Cambodia along with other volunteers in a first-hand experience in which they fundraised and worked alongside a community to build a school library for the local children, providing them access to educational material and resources where previously it wouldn’t have been so readily available.

Mozambique 2015 – Building a refuge centre for victims of domestic violence
M.D – Steve Richens travelled to Mozambique on his second trip along with other volunteers to fundraise and work alongside a community to build a centre for survivors of violence, creating a place where women who have experienced violence could access vital services such as counselling, legal, and police support. This will give them the support and confidence to speak out, see justice done, and improve women’s rights.

Nepal 2017 – Building a School
M.D – Steve Richens travelled to Nepal to help children whose school has collapsed during an earthquake. Along with the community, Steve aided with the fundraising and the building of a school, helping to restore the town and the children’s hopeful futures to their former glory.

Sri Lanka 2018 – Working in a turtle sanctuary
M.D – Steve Richens travelled to Sri Lanka, spending 10 days working along locals in a turtle sanctuary. Ever a friend of the animal kingdom, he aided in the hatching and releasing of many turtles there.

Mike’s Den Mike’s Den

Mike’s Den of Harlow is a meeting place for adults aged 16+ promoting equal opportunities and social activities for both disabled and non-disabled people.

Mike’s Den is a small local charity based in Harlow (Essex) providing both disabled and non-disabled adults aged 16+ equal opportunities and social activities on a weekly basis. The club, although small, does a great job in providing the resources for the attendants to socialise and interact with each other. Without a place like this, many attendants who are able to enjoy the facilities and company might not have otherwise had the opportunity to do these things. It’s an integral part of the local community and we at Lynar are happy to begin being a part of such a great movement, especially with personal connections to the charity and a family member who adores everything Mike’s Den does.

St Clare’s HospiceSt Clare’s Hospice

St Clare Hospice is a local charity and each year we care for hundreds of people across West Essex and the East Hertfordshire border. We provide free, compassionate care and support to adults with life-limiting illnesses, their families and carers.

A charity very close to Steve Richens, St Clare’s Hospice provided amazing care for his father in the last stages of his fight with cancer and in turn, we have tried to make sure we do what we can to see this hospice is able to carry on giving amazing care to other families.

Great Wall of China Trek 2010
M.D – Steve Richens with some other family members helped raise money for St Clare’s Hospice by completing a trek across the Great Wall of China. The expedition, with many other volunteers from all over, consisted of many long days of tough walking but was an extremely fulfilling and successful trip that helped raise a considerable amount of money so that St Clare’s Hospice could continue to provide support for terminally ill patients plus their families and make the last days for their loved ones as comfortable and pain free as possible.

Furthermore, we also take part in the monthly lottery which is a small, regular gesture that even with a small amount can go a long way.