Toolmaking and metal prototypes

At Lynar Manufacturing, our tool room team has the skills and technology to produce high precision press tooling.

Our team works on a full range of assignments, from one-off prototypes to creating hundreds of thousands of a single component for ongoing production, for example in the automotive sector.

Our in-house expertise and state-of-the-art technology also give us the flexibility to carry out a full range of tooling processes. We design in solidworks 3D.

Whether you require simple pierce and blank and form tools or multi-stage, full progression tooling, we will deliver on time and cost-effectively, with the consistency in product and quality that clients look for.

We can also offer clients competitive pricing by providing quotations for two options, production or tooling. Tooling prices can reduce the cost per components by up to half.

Our tooling and toolmaking services are further enhanced by our in-house wire erosion capacity and we also have an in-house CNC machine which helps for tooling and sub contract production work.

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