Lynar Purchases New Sodick VL600Q Wire Eroder

Sean Murrells – Tool & Design Manager

1. New Investment

Late last year Lynar Manufacturing decided to invest in a new wire Eroder incorporating the latest technology available on the market. There were many driving factors in that decision:

  • One of the old EDM Wire Machines was still working but getting un-economically viable to keep maintaining
  • Market forces – In a constantly competitive market Lynar always strives to keep its edge.
  • Bigger tooling orders and enquires are being received.
  • More work acquired from Science / Technology type companies requiring high accuracy component manufacture.

3. Machine Detail

Sodick VL600Q


Wire machine2

The VL600Q Wire EDM features Sodick’s Linear Motor Technology. The VL Series is an economical line of performance Wire EDMs that builds on the technologies of the VZ and SL series.  The medium sized VL600Q is well-suited for a wide range of machining applications.

3. Machine Specifications

X – Axis Travel 23.62” (600 mm)
Y – Axis Travel 15.75” (400 mm)
Z – Axis Travel 10.63” (270 mm)
U, V Axis Travel 3.15” x 3.15” (80 x 80 mm)
Wire Diameter Range (min ~ max) 0.004” ~ 0.012” (0.10 ~ 0.30 mm)
Work Tank Dimensions (W x D) 40.94″ x 30.71” (1040 x 780 mm)
Maximum Workpiece Weight 1,874 lbs (850 kg)
Distance from Floor to Table Top 36.61” (930 mm)
Machine Tool Dimensions 103.15” x 102.56” 81.89” (2,620 x 2,605 x 2,080 mm)
Machine Weight 7,275 lbs (3,300 kg)

See Sodick website for more details: /

4. Advantages

There are many advantages to this new EDM wire machine:

  • 5 times larger bed size enabling Lynar to cope with larger tools and press tooling.
  • 2 times faster than old machine – keeps Lynar`s competitive edge
  • Uses less wire – spool wire size is approx. ½ that of previous machine which is used over a similar period of time. Hence running costs are slashed.
  • High maintenance costs are removed based on old machine and any further costs are covered by 2 years’ warranty.
  • High accuracy – When used for commercial manufacture of press tools punches and dies the machine typically cuts to within 10 microns. However, in test cutting under controlled conditions this can be as good as 2 microns.

5. Conclusion

A very successful purchase for Lynar Manufacturing enabling the company to evolve and look ahead in today’s market. The machine has already been instrumental in manufacturing 3 large new press tools for a local Point of Sale Company.

6. Acknowledgements

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